The 25th Annual Duke Radiology Overview

Session 1: Abdominal

Approach to Hypervascular Liver Lesions in the Non-Cirrhotic Mustafa R. Bashir M.D.
Abdominal Cases Chad M. Miller M.D.
Atypical Liver Lesions Rendon C. Nelson M.D., FACR
Managing Pancreatic Cysts Erik K. Paulson M.D.
Imaging Workup of the Incidental Adrenal Nodule Lisa M. Ho M.D.

Session 2: Cardiothoracic

Lung Cancer Screening Jared D. Christensen M.D.
Acute Aortic Syndromes Danielle M. Seaman M.D.
Interstitial Lung Disease H. Page McAdams M.D., FACR
Community-Acquired Pneumonia Lacy Washington M.D.

Session 3: Interventional

Interesting Cases in Interventional Radiology Tony Smith M.D.
Pre & Post Percutaneous Nephrostomy Tubes Waleska Pabon-Ramos M.D., M.P.H.
Compressive Syndromes of the Lower Extremities David R. Sopko M.D.
Venous Imaging Charles Y. Kim M.D.
New IR Residency Paul Suhocki M.D.
Femoral and Popliteal Interventions Michael J. Miller M.D.

Session 4: Neuro

CT and MR Imaging Evaluation of Cerebral Infarction James M. Provenzale M.D., FACR
Adult Orbital Masses Differential Diagnosis Jenny K. Hoang MBBS
Temporal Bone Christopher Roth M.D.
Worst Headache of Life Peter G. Kranz M.D.
Neurological Case Review James M. Provenzale M.D., FACR
Stroke Imaging Update 2015 - Cases Conference David S. Enterline M.D.
Brain Tumors - Post-Therapeutic Imaging Daniel P. Barboriak M.D.
 MRI Strategies in Neuroradiology Christopher D. Lascola M.D., Ph.D.

Session 5: Nuclear Medicine

PET/CT: Pearls and Pitfalls Brandon Howard M.D., Ph.D.
Musculoskeletal Nuclear Medicine Olga G. James M.D.
Nuclear Medicine Update 2015 Bennett Chin M.D
Hepatobiliary Scintigraphic Imaging Michael W. Hanson M.D.

Session 6: Breast

Young, Pregnant, Male Breast Part 1 Karen S. Johnson M.D., M.S.
Young, Pregnant, Male Breast Part 2 Sora C. Yoon M.D.
Hindsight: What Can We Learn From Missed Breast Cancers? Mary Scott Soo M.D., FACR
Implants and Explantation Revisited Sujata V. Ghate M.D.
Breast MRI: Is It Worth It? Connie Kim M.D.
BI-RADS Calcifications Ruth Walsh M.D.

Session 7: MSK

MRI of the Shoulder Part 1: Labral Pathology Charles E. Spritzer M.D.
MRI of the Shoulder Part 2: Rotator Cuff Emily N. Vinson M.D.
Imaging of the Spine: Extradural Disease Timothy J. Amrhein M.D.

Session 8: Pediatric

Malrotation and Malfixation of the Bowel Caroline W.T. Carrico M.D.
Pediatric Abdominal Masses Gary R. Schooler M.D.
Imaging of Child Abuse Charles M. Maxfield M.D.
Approach to Pediatric Renal Masses Donald P. Frush M.D., FACR